Reality shows in Cameroon are gradually taking the spotlight in the entertainment industry.  Over the past years, we’ve had a couple of them emerge. Some are able to last while others fade like the daffodils. 

Are reality shows keep surfaces, We continue to have amateur shootings crowding YouTube to topnotch visuals displayed on our screens. There’re equally amazing concepts which get us all engaged. 

This Saturday on Canal 2 International. Another fascinating show will be premiered, Une Journey avec ma Star, UJAMS.

UJAMS, translated as  A day with my Star is a TV reality program that brings fans and celebrities closer than never before. It presents a cross section of games, interviews,  lunch and so much more. The show is hosted by our very own dynamic media personalty, JJ NSHOM.

The initiative is presented by J&R CONCEPTS,  A media and communications agency. The Premier of UJAMS will be broadcasted on Canal 2 International this Saturday 29th July 2017. The celebrity of this edition will be renowned Cameroonian actress, Malvis Ann.

Don’t miss the rendezvous!!!




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