Not even the most decorated Olympian of all time can keep up with a great white shark.Michael Phelps helped kick off the 2017 edition of Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week on Sunday with a race against a shark in Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White. The 23-time Olympic gold medalist finally met his match and lost the made-for-television race.

Shark Week shared the race between the two swimming machines:

There was plenty of buildup for this event, and the scientists on Discovery Channel spent much of the time explaining how fast sharks truly are and demonstrated new wetsuits for Phelps to use.

There was also a demonstration of what a shark would look like in one of Phelps’ Olympic races. While Phelps was focused on beating a shark in the race, he also got an up-close look at the animal’s power in open water. Shark Week captured some of the notable moments. 

It was unrealistic to expect Phelps to actually beat a great white shark or get in the water with the feared creature. 

Source: Bleachereport




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