2018 presidential Election: The well known Franco-Cameroonian comedian Dieudonné Mb’ala Mb’ala has announced his candidature for 2018 presidential election in Cameroon.

We don’t know if its one of his jokes but what we know is that in a 10minutes video he posted on YouTube, the french based comedian announced his candidature. His reasons are clear and simple.

Emmanuel Valls, former French prime minister has put his candidature for the upcoming French elections. We all know that Dieudone Mb’ala Mb’ala was not in good terms with Emmanuel Valls when he was mayor of Evry. Dieudone said he could not remain without doing anything.

Secondly, she said he was not presenting against Paul Biya but against the French involvement and exploitation of Africa especially Cameroon.

Last May, he was send to prison in France for one of his comedies that the French government termed him as a racist. We expecting a Trump in Cameroon?
s05e11 – Dieudonné est candidat !! // Politique / Islam / Remigration




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