The minister of communication was speaking today August 9 during a press briefing in his ministry concerning the six people arrested in Mbengwi on the 3rd of August with explosives. 

According to him, the six people arrested were identified as DASI Alfred NGYAH alias « Sniper » ;MBA-ABE Edwin DASI ; TEFEH Collins TEGHE ; FUH Luther CHE ; NGWA Louis MONYONGA and Martha FORMENYAM . Police officers searched the house of Dasi Alfred who is also considered the head of the gang and found servral military equipment hidden in a bunker. He continued saying that Dasi Alfred, the principal suspect resides in a foreign country even though he is a Cameroonian by birth.
He confessed that he is an Ambazonian and the leader of the Liberation Movement of Southern Cameroon. When asked about the origin of the equipment, he said he personal bought them and got into the country with them via a neighboring country.

The minister said this same man was behind the failed 20th May 2015 attack in Bamenda and he was preparing an attack against military headquarters, administrative officials and police posts. Investigations are still going on.

 ​Dasi Alfred




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