Former Buea mayor and a current Cameroon Senator, Mbella Moki Charles voices out his opinion regarding the current issues plaguing Cameroon, the Anglophone Problem. Read what he writes below;

“…I have learned my lessons with  the Buea situation and would love to let others play their part. When the dignity and the very existence of a people is threatened you put aside your political colour and selfish ego, you set aside pride and arrogance, you don’t expect political gains. You humble yourself, you bring in the human touch and know that you are dealing with with humans with flesh and blood and ask yourself questions. You then seek the face of God.Those are some of the approaches we need to look at. And all of these can only come into play if those concerned possess the moral authority to engage in crises management. That is if they enjoy some measure of respect from community members. I know the reward my so called elite set aside for my family and i during and after my several years of service to Buea. God is still saying something. No more comments. Thanks.”




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