Hey BB Readers, I’m back! Yeah I know I’ve left you hanging, I guess you understand with me and the teamūüėČ

After 4 months I get back to my keyboard with some hot juice. This time around, it’s about the famous TRACE and how money is extorted from artists to air their songs on this platform.

As at now, we all know what transpires in the industry. Some individuals, or better still, an individual has gotten monopoly over airing of songs on TRACE. This mafia has been exposed by Edwin Eselem, a keen observer of the industry and worker at Orange Cameroon. On a social media post, he writes without any fear of contradiction that artists are not supposed to pay to feature of TRACE. Read his statement below and drop your thoughts.

My dear artists, talent managers, public relation agents, promoters and creative specialists; I am worried each time good people who are working in the enhancement of this beautiful industry inbox me about their frustrations of getting their works aired on Trace TV platforms.

An individual or a ‚Äúcabal‚ÄĚ have constituted themselves to extort money from artists  on the pretext of having their videos and creative works aired on this platform. In as much as I believe that this platform has no direct link in showcasing your work or your success in this industry, I have incontrovertible evidence to prove that you don‚Äôt need to pay a single franc or a dime to have your videos aired on this platform. Please. Nobody holds the key to your success. What will be; will be.

They have a website, check their contact page or write to them directly and get the exposure you need. You don’t need to be taken hostage by a third party for this.

Be creative. Be smart. This too should end in 2017. You can’t spend time and energy on creative works and some opportunists comes in your way to sabotage your efforts.

I love you all. Have a beautiful end of year in the company of your families and loved ones.





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