Miss Vanessa Monjoa, the 2017 winner of the Les Brasseries du Cameroon Mutzig Star contest, Saturday, April 14, finally smiled home in the comfort of her long awaited car prize from Cameroon’s leading Brewery Company.

The Keys of her brand new Suzuki car were handed to her by the Les Brasseries du Cameroon Heineken Country Manager, Celestin Mbahizimana.

He was accompanied in this task by Southwest Branch Manager of Mutzig, Christoph Bitom, the Southwest Regional Manager of Les Brasseries and other officials of the company.

Since her winning in 2017, Monjoa had to wait a little longer before she was finally handed her coveted prize. She said she had become worried because even the authorities of Les Brasseries did not quite inform her of what was causing the delay.

But during the handing over ceremony in Limbe on Saturday, Les Brasseries also handed to Monjoa all her car documents. The car’s insurance certificate had already been paid; the number plate registration was already intact. The Car’s License or carte gris was already done.




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