Franko’s Hit track “Coller La Petite” reached a total number of 9,000,000+ View in a very short period. This maxi hit has become a “National Anthem” in all the nocks and crannies of Africa and Kamer in Particular. The flame at which it started has more than doubled. It seems the more it stays the more it becomes appealing to the hearing of people. Youths and young artists in Cameroon entertainment are still left in awe. The billion dollar question which runs through their minds remains “How did the video reach 9million views”. Bonteh’s Blog entertainment experts attempted to bring out some reasons why it reached that amount of views.

1. To begin with, the track first of all was given a lot of creative time. According to interviews and reports we could lay our hands on, the Artist was able to carve out some creative moment to give his best or rather, his utmost best. It takes a lot of creativity and time to come out with such a maxi track when it comes to music.

2. Creativity alone was not the only reason why the track attained a such views and immense popularity. Another reason which played to such number of views was the solidarity expressed by entertainers of Kamer entertainment. Other artist never failed to put a helping hand to see that this track has the place it deserved. This was seen when Stanley Enow posted the video on his official page when it was released. This was equally done by Locko, Malox, and a host of others.

3. The ban imposed by authorities in their respective regions equally played a vital role to give the video a continental attraction. When these bans were implemented, it only aroused the curious nature of Cameroonians and the entertainment universe. They were anxious to listen to the fly which was labeled “Immoral”. They curiosity went a long way to make the song popular.

4. The professionalism implored by Franko’s team is worth mentioning. They displayed a high level of professionalism which gave magnificent results. Time management, precision, division of responsibility and the spirit of hard work  were just some of the spices they used to spice up the song to the entire world.

5. Finally but not the least, Franko just gave to the entertainment community what they wanted to hear. With a good sense of appeal, Franko simply observed and put his observations into practice. The concept of the track is one which be of no importance but its deep interpretation is of grandiose  meaning. Although ‘vulgar” as some people may say, Franko wasn’t afraid to put his creativity pass the test of time.

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