​The post BB did regarding why lecturers should take the money from President Paul Biya has called a lot of attention. People giving critical explanations as to why teachers shouldn’t take the money, all which appear to be very appealing and make much sense. 

Among the numerous comments, the one which caught our attention is an Economic analysis of how Biya intends to enrich the government’s coffers ( or better still, his personal foreign reserves) in the recruitment of “1000 young bilingual Cameroonians (teachers)”. President Biya is indeed an ‘Economist’. Read the shocking revelation below and see how Biya will generate an estimate of 215 Billion from that process. Looking at it, we give a second thought to the 2 Billion FCFA he promises to give private and public schools as gross insult to the intellectual community. Read below;

Miz Muana, a Facebook user, has unveiled Biya’s tricks.  Hear her:

Paul Biya the economist.
10.000.000 pple will apply. Each file will consist of 4 fiscal stamps, ie 4000frs per applicant.
Let’s do the math skills.
10.000.000 x 4000 =
Add this to it;
Non-conviction= 2,500frs/ candidate 
10,000,000×2500frs= 25,000,000,000
Not forgetting of what they call “Mandat de depot” usually 15,000frs/candidate
Dammmm more money to the treasury and to Swiss banks. Tell Paul say we know yi secret now. No man no go apply for that work.
What can you say about this?




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