The existence of the Consortium in Southern Cameroons is not good news to the tyrant, at all. Now, we have discovered Biya’s vaccine. Biya is inviting striking stakeholders to the negotiation table, syndicate by syndicate as a strict matter of policy, and not as a constituted consortium- a tacit disapproval of the concept of a Consortium. 

But Mr. Biya would have to learn it the hard way that that Consortium is now our voice as a people. We may even get to change their legend leaders when their mandates expire, but not the concept. We have finally found the vaccine for the tyrant. 

Let Cameroonians East of the Mungo copy this concept so that the obstacle to a sane nation can be finally ejected. My dear Francphone brothers, create your own coalition of syndicates and lets all meet in the middle for our collective freedom. Thats where true dialogue will be possible not drama.

Let stakeholders accept no dialogue that does not endorse and involve the Consortium as oversea. 

It is called the Institutional Revolution of the Civil Society !

The indefinite strike continues.

Aluta continua !

By Angelbert Nde




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