After Popular video director Mr Adrenaline Posted on the might of Camer music that is gradually taking over Trace Africa, popular streaming site BIMSTR decided to repost it on their wall but it was not really welcome by French speaking fans because of the use of pidgin.

Many Fans went to the comment section to complain of not understanding what he said. Others went as far to compare him to Blanche Bailey who usually post in the official languages. We could read the following on the comment sections (See images below)

The video director was good enough to translate for those who didn’t understand. Some fans defended him saying that, he always post in both languages. Others went on to say that, when most French speaking artist Post in CamFrancAnglais, or French only,Anglophones don’t complain.

We decided to visit Adrenaline’s page and discovered that the post was written in pidgin, english and French. We dont know if he decided to edit the post to include the French version after his French speaking Fans Complainod on BMSTR’s wall.




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