The GCE Ordinary Level was published on Monday 14th August evening and for the first time, it was not published on the same day with the GCE Advance Level. The 2017 session registered a record number of percentage fail blamed on the current Anglophone Crisis.

​Education: Statistics of the 2016 – 2017 GCE O/A Level Results.

For some time now, an image which is a screenshot of the GCE Ordinary Level result have been going viral on social media. This image shows a student who made it in 21 papers. Yeah 21 papers. Its no news that the limited amount of papers to register  is 11. 

The student Wawoh Ulrich Jouel, centre number 11467 of Government Bilingual high school Mendong in  Yaounde passed in 21 subjects. This pushed us to ask if this was an editing mistake? We were not able to put hands on the said student but we will update you.




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