Canal 2 English through their correspondent in Mbengwi said controversies have spark concerning the weapons and explosives found in Mbengwi. They said the home that was raided in Mbengwi belong to a Retired Genderm officer who is now blind and not that of Dasi Alfred as reported by the government.

“The 6 anglophones arrested in Mbengwi with explosives on August 3rd have identified themselves as Ambazonians”. Tchiroma (MINCOM)

“Inhabitants in Mbengwi are categoric: The weapons exposed on TV doesn’t belong from their locality. Plus they are questioning why the officers of law and order didnt invite the press or a neutral body to witness the raid and seizure of the explosives. However Governor of the Northwest, Adolphe Lele Lafrique says the arms caché were found in Mbengwi and is calling for vigilance. Affaire a suivre” Canal 2 English.

According to popular blogger Maybelle Boma, Canal 2 English failed to report that, the retired blind Genderm officer is Dasi Alfred’s Biological father. 




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