DcodedTV Founder and CEO JOAN NGOMBA celebrates 10 years in media.

This week, Joan Ngomba is celebrating her decade milestone in media. She is the award-winning founder and editor in chief of DcodedTV, a leading entertainment news platform...

​Breaking News: Akere Muna declares his candidature for the 2018 Presidential Election. 

This is indeed a breaking info! Cameroonian International lawyer, Akere  Muna has officially declared his candidature for the 2018 Presidential Election in Cameroon.  In an explicit social media...

​Breaking News: SDF set to organise a Solidarity Demonstration in Support of the Northwest...

Mindful of the October 1st Massacre in Anglophone Cameroon, coupled with the maiming,  arrested and killing going on in these regions, the Social Democratic Front  (SDF) has...

Stanley Enow Becomes BICEC’S Brand Ambassador as they Celebrate 55 Years.

Congratulations to Stanley Enow. The figure is huge, Though It's not always about the figures! This is an inspiration to so many youths across Africa. Stanley Enow signs a...

​”I have not called for any boycotts of any artist yet” Mark Bareta.

Before we lay blames on whoever, lets endeavor to get our facts straight. A picture has bren circulating on social media allegedly pointing fingers on Mark Bareta...

​Humanitarianism  in Cameroon: The Tragedy of the Commons ! 

At a point where philanthropic and humanitarian endeavors are needed the most, those who claim to be humanitarians are locked up in the cage of indifference.   Most...

​Sisiku’s 10 Bedrooms Apartment is the only structure burnt that we’ve not seen images.

What could possibly prevent images from coming up? Internet blackout, security in the periphery or all a lie? Reports circulating on social media yesterday has it that the...

Youths of The National Youth Council Release a Statement calling on sincere dialogue.

The Cameroon National Youth Council held an urgent meeting on Friday 29th September 2017.  In this meeting,  they condemn any act of vandalism, uncivil behavior and secession and...

​Interview: “There’s no anglophone problem in this Country” Issa Tchiroma. 

Issa Tchiroma visited media houses in Douala and Equinox was amongst.   In an exclusive interview with Prince Nfor Hanson of Equinox TV, The Minister of Communication affirms...

​Just In: Gendarmes allegedly Rape a girl in Kumbo.

This evening while many have been reported injured from bullets by armed soldiers, reports have it that two Gendarms have raped a 23year old girl in kumbo. The...




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