The Miami Dolphins defensive tackle is well aware of the “dirty” reputation he’s built up over the years, especially while playing for the Detroit Lions from 2010-14 .

So much so that he’s now part of a new Foot Locker commercial with NBA star DeMarcus Cousins who, like Suh, considers himself “misunderstood” based on his reputation.

“With guys like you me, it’s like our reputation precedes us,” Suh tells Cousins in the commercial while walking Foot Locker bags out to their car. “Once people get a certain impression, that’s it.”
During their conversation, Cousins “inadvertently” kicks a woman’s groceries on the ground and then a man’s crutch, knocking him over. Suh then steps on the man’s cast – which seems to be a reference to a few of his controversies as a Lion.

The whole commercial is pretty amusing – and also an exercise in self-awareness by both Suh and Cousins.
Suh was a force on the Lions’ defensive line during his five seasons with the team, eventually becoming the best defensive tackle in the NFL , but it also came with a suspension, hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and a reputation that made him a frequent target in the eyes of NFL officials.

Ndamukong Ngwa Suh is one of the few Cameroonians playing American Football for Miami dolphins and the most expensive defender in The National Football League (NFL).

Source: Detroit Free press.




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