We’re coming to the cross road of 2016 with the struggle intensifying. Info just released by Tapang Ivo has it that 2017 will welcome the greatest/biggest peaceful rally in Cameroon led by senior citizen Fru Ndi, freedom speaker, Wirba Joseph and other vital players of the Anglophone struggle. Read below and have insight on it.

Peace talk organised by Fru Ndi in Buea.

Cameroonians living abroad, wherever you find yourself for the New Year, touch base with the citizens in that city and mobilize for the biggest rally across all cities in the world on Jan 2, 2017. 

If you are back home, the peaceful and non-partisan protest would take the form of the one led by John Fru Ndi the senior citizen and not the politician. 

Similarly, Hon. Wirba Martin Luther King Jr., Joshua Osih and Kah Walla would be leading the long walk in Buea while Fru Ndi and other senior citizens like Ayah Paul could be heading to Bamenda. 

Mark Bareta and I would be coming up with the final join statement in a few hours from now. We will push the limit to see this succeed with our aforementioned citizens.




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