We just laid hands on President Biya’s 2017 End of year speech. Published by an independent journalist and Southern Cameroonian activist, Mark Bareta. Read below;

I am leaking Paul Biya speech 2 hours before he goes on air. Unless something happens, unless the recorded speech will change as a result of my leak, this is what Mr. Biya will say as attached in these pictures. 

Again, Mr. Biya shows no remorse for dialogue. La Republique is not ready. Part of the speech read 

” I would, therefore, like, before anything else, to tell you solemnly tonight that Cameroon is a country more than ever before. A ONE and INDIVISIBLE country, proud of its cultural diversity and jealous of its freedom. A country rich in talented and enterprising men. A country with significant resources. A country looking forward with confidence and determination resolved to meet the challenges to ensure social progress and prosperity for all.

My dear compatriots,

I would now like to dwell on the latest developments in the northwest and southwest regions. These events challenge us deeply in our flesh and spirit. By a group of extremist, manipulated and instrumentalized demonstrators, Cameroonians lost their lives; Public and private buildings have been destroyed; The most sacred bonds of our nation have been profaned; The economic activities were temporarily paralyzed.

All this, you will agree, is UNACCEPTABLE….”




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