Vortex Music presents to you “Don’t judge Me”. A powerful masterpiece and collaboration with Omega Record’s Queen, Ewube.
In this latest piece of art, Boy Cheez, imposes himself as a lyrical pillar in the industry. He pierces our hearts and minds with timeless words which will keep us in deep meditation even after watching it!

The visuals shot by Geraldrico Guevera, compliment the words with footage that draw our attention to conspiracy and backstabbing which is a typical reflection of our society.

The Camera jumps between newspaper walls, a steaming club scene, amazing dance moves from Ewube and feature ShadyVille (wanmanarmy), who produced the song!

At the end of the video, we’re left with words of reflection ;

“For the sake of peace, everyone deserves forgiveness.

For the sake of safety, not everyone deserves a second chance. Wisdom is knowing the difference”

Watch the video below;




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