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Dear H.E Biya,

      How are you bro?Hope fine. Bamenda people say that “if man pass you, carry e basket”. Americans say “When you fall, accept it, dust yourself, wake up and move on”.You can never quench fire with fire”.If your ministers don’t tell you, I am telling you as my neighbouring president to stop wasting resources and start using your brain. I respect you for being an upcoming ancestor, but Political gymnastics can’t solve this problem. Those mollitary men who dropped out of school because they hated school,you have failingly sent back as ghost students. You might turn your millitary against you in just one second, Yes I mean it. 

            Throughout History and experience, I have never seen where a government is carrying out public corruption without shame and succeeded. Even Hitler couldn’t make it to the end. Bro read your history book again. These “Anglofools” as you call them are using techniques that have NEVER been put together in one riot over History. They are making History. Even Tchiroma betrayed himself and his party to join you. If they betrayed their own selves, then betraying you is like A.B.C. No man is God!Not even you. It came a time when even your brother Idi Amin fell. 

         This struggle of your slaves to freedom; which you can NEVER stop, is gradually bringing your 34 years career to a street gutter.You can’t stop Social Media and People’s unity. This is an unstoppable Resistance. When you push “Extremists” to the wall, only dialogue will help you. Even Buhari negotiated with Boko Haram. Stop calling civilians names. It only makes you look stupid bro. Remember, You are no leader without a people. Bro, without bodyguards, you’ll just be a common man on the streets. Wake up! Reason. #GhostTown. I advice you for free!

Don’t thank me.What are friends for ! #SHARE 

*I am only a Smart-thinker **** #HolyBoy




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