Barrister Akere MUNA reacts to the lawsuit against Bishops. 

Bamenda Bishops have been summoned to court for non-compliance and disrupting academic activities in the North West region. Barrister Akere MUNA reacts saying Jesus and the Pope should equally be taken to court along side lawyers! 

Read his reaction as posted on his Facebook page. 

I have just read the direct summons against the Bishops. 

I am in distraught for my country. In the same month that the Pope was host to President Biya, the courts in Bamenda will entertain a matter against Bishops. This is done during the Easter Period. They might as well have added Jesus and the Pope to the suit!

What legal entity is this consortium of parents? Who are these Colonels? Legally this  suit has no wings and won’t fly. The foolhardiness of those who bring such an action is as crazy as searching for a gas leak with a lighter that is lit. Is it the  design of some to set this country a blaze? God is at the rudder.

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