Representing youths at the Leader’s Summit on counter violent extremism, United Nations Head Quarters
 Achaleke Chtistian Leke who
serves as National Coordinator for Local Youth Corner Cameroon (LOYOC) and
current Cameroon Commonwealth Youth  Ambassador; is a young Cameroonian
breaking the bounds of youth leadership in Cameroon and at the International scene.
Christian toke part at the Global
Youth Summit and Leaders’ Summit against Violent Extremism of the United Nation
General Assembly in New York, hosted by President Obama. Being conscious of the
extremist group and threat in Cameroon, Africa and around the world, Achaleke
and other youth leaders around the world were invited to share ideas on the
contributions of youths in the fight against violent extremist groups.
Christian wasn’t just a participant
of the Summit but also he was one of those who took part in the drafting of the
Youth Action Agenda on Preventing Violent Extremism, among
those who read the final Youth Agenda and a keynote speaker. He addressed other
panelists and others participants with a lot of enthusiasm, vigor and pessimism
calling on leaders around the world to integrate youths in the fight against
violent extremist groups as he said:
 “...Making youths
heroes in their positive actions, making them engaged goes a long way to
inspire their peers thus serve as in is a critical method in reducing youth
radicalization and instrumentation..” 
 Christian didn’t fail to make other youths and leaders
across the globe aware of the fact that, Cameroonian youths are actively
involved in the fight against violent extremist groups which affects the
economic, cultural and sociopolitical development of Cameroon and any other
countries witnessing such attacks. His emphases on the role of Cameroon youths were
clear when he made mention that;
“…Just like young people over
the world, young Cameroonians are taking every action necessary to promote
sustainable peace and counter violent extremism…”
Achaleke said “…We need a multidisciplinary
approach to counter violent extremism and promote sustainable peace
…” Which we
hope is going to be put in place and effectively implemented by world leaders
and youths in the fight against extremism, radicalization and
It is worth mentioning that, during
Achaleke’s presentation, he enticed his audience with his experience growing up
in an environment of extremist tendencies which was (and surely is still) a
typical phenomenon in the South West Region of Cameroon, Kumba – Fiango.
However, the horrible experience of this dynamic youth hasn’t prevented him from
becoming and Ambassador of peace – now serving as role model for other youths
in the same situation he passed through.

Reading the youth action agenda on preventing violent extremism during the summit
Achaleke equally had a stand at the event
market place where he exposed the works of his organization and other youths in
Cameroon in the domain of peace building and counter violent extremism. Among
them was the “Youth Peer-educators Training Manual” on peace and counter violent
extremism developed by his organization and a video documentary of Youth
Radicalization and “Child Soldier”

Local youth corner market place stand during the forum
UNOY advocacy Team Meeting with US State Department team
His Excellency Achaleke is still in New
York alongside UNOY Advocacy Team, meeting with International donors, United
Nation agencies, Member of the Security Council and other stakeholders to
create a conducive atmosphere for UN Agenda on Youth Peace and Security and the
Amman Declaration in the UN Security Council, as regards the fight against
extremist groups in member states and the world at large.




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