The degrading situation of this country is a call for concern. This old woman (with CPDM cloth) refused help from people of the regime. Kazim, a Bamenda based upcoming artist, recounts how they were chased from a police station in Bamenda because he was trying to help this old woman. 

This is a disgrace to the CPDM robe! The regime has failed in all aspect! So pathetic. Read and share widely!

MUST READ!!!!!!THIS REALLY IS SAD☹:|This Woman is roaming the streets of Old Town asking for a place to rest saying she is “Tired” She came to our house saying same thing. That was the first time I saw her. Kind of wierd so I ushered her out of our compound and followed her to see if she will know where to go to. She doesn’t know her name or where she leaves.So I thought 8t wise to take her to the police station for ywr to rest there so I caj go Out  in search of a radio station or tv chanel to broadcast.

 As I entered the police station(Public security old town) and explained every thing,  They drove us away😣:| I told them to just let her rest there so I can get a radio or tv chanel to come and get the news.All of them there started scolding at me😣.I boldly stood up to them and asked them what kind of public services they run here😣.

My voice wasn’t heard🙍‍♂.I looked at her already with tears in my eyes and told the woman to follow me lets leave this “goos for nothing place”😐:|Is THIS THE SAME POLICE THAT WERE SENT TO PROTECT PUPILS IN SCHOOL?Already with tears in my eyes I took her to the radio station. They gave me a deaf ear🤔.They sat outside drinking beer and wouldn’t want to open the studio. I tried to insist but no good came out of it.

Call me if you know her my number

673-46-91-98.This country is a mess.:|




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