Here is another mind blowing project from BBC, not the British Broadcasting Corporation oh😅. It’s Blueberry City Music! In this amazing piece, We’re brought to embrace the beauty of ‘Makossa’ which has been refined by Sangtum. That’s by the way! 

The Makossa Subject again!? Well…

The past weeks have been clouded with the allege extinction of “Makossa”. The buzz propelled with the recent music video released by Ngoma, “Mangosi” when Nernos in his verse said; “Makossa est mort…”. There have been varied  schools of thought as to the subject matter. Those who believe it’s gone and some say it still has the RESPECT it deserves!

That’s by the way!

Watch this compilation of randomly collected videos from Youtube to beautify the vibe of “Makossa Malaxée” produced by Sangtum.




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