Life share Blood Donate is a mobile application initiated by Bamenda Institute of Technology (B.I.T). The mobile application will provide a sustainable solution to the difficulties in finding a suitable blood donor linking volunteer donors with patients, as well as providing a rich database of hospitals, clinics and pharmacies through the use of mobile telecommunication devices.

Cameroon alongside many developing countries in the world has a common problem of blood shortages in hospital blood banks. The lack of proper equipment to collect, preserve and transfuse blood in most hospitals stands out as a major cause for the lack of blood in our blood banks today. There is also a lack of proper sensitization of the masses to bring in potential volunteer donors. In addition, the rapid prevalence of some common blood transmissible diseases such as HIV and hepatitis has played a major role in the dwindling of blood supplies to the health sector thus creating a crisis that has led to the deaths of so many people in the developing world over the years and is still claiming lives by the day. 

The concept of this application was therefore, borne by the necessity for a sustainable solution to this problem, using modern technology as the main facilitator. The use of mobile devices has spiked in the past decade, presenting the modern society of today with a global arena for rapid communication and as such can bridge the gap between the availability of the donor and the need of the receptor. With this application we aspire to provide a sustainable solution to the problem by creating a direct connection between a volunteer donor and a patient without necessarily going through a hospital. This application also will serve in providing the health sector with a fast means of collecting valuable information on the blood donation and creating a forum wherein possible solutions to the problems faced by blood banks in our health sector can be provided.

The Blood Donate Module is the main module of this application. It has a registration form where Donor and patients can register. The data from this form is stored in the app database. When a patient is in need of blood, he/she just needs to choose the city, town and blood type then the system will automatically scan through the database and bring forth available nearby volunteer donors. Simply awesome, right?

The amazing Find a Hospital Module provides an enormous database of all hospitals, health centers and clinics nationwide. Just with a few touches you will be able to get the addresses of Hospitals and clinics around your locality.

Find a Pharmacy with our database of all pharmacies Nationwide. Searching for a pharmacy has never been this easy.

Life Share Blood Donate is now available free on Google PlayStore.
Please visit ( To download the app .
We are currently working on an update which will comes along with USSD and SMS services that allows users without smartphones or with smart phones without internet to be able to use the application without necessary having to download it. Future updates will also include versions for IOS users .

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