They say everything happens for a reason and we should learn from every event/incident in life. In our contemporary society, Online/social media is the real deal.

Thousands of Youths Entered the street to protest in Bamenda

Days back, I would unarguably give the #street 60% when it has to do with promo and #online 40%. But considering what I witnessed yesterday,  I’ll roll the dice again to give online hype/promo 80% and the street 20%.

I saw how the street danced to the rhythm of online power, thousands of youths stepped out to protest, orders fueled by online brains, this is not political post though.

 And those artists running their mouths about Street Credibility,  I wonder if they know you in those streets more than they know Mark Bareta. I witnessed Street involvement like never before. No posters, no flyers nor billboards.  Just content, social media, SMS and calls. So who wins? Social media or Street?

Yesterday equally served as a reflection point and gave thousands of reasons to forge ahead with THE #BontehDigitalMediaAwards to honor and showcase digital media actors and equally to spread the gospel of the benefits of the digital economy. 




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