At a point where many are killed, economics activities are on stand still with little or no bandwidth of internet connectivity,  these two Cameroonian artists, Locko and Blanche Bailly  have boycotted what’s happening in these Anglophone regions, giving an open slap to their fans in the Anglophone regions. 

Given that this is a political problem, it’s very difficult to take a stand and voice your opinion as a public figure, but we very much expected them to pay a little respect to their fans, who are deep in fear. Even if it means postponing their releases. But they didn’t.  Blanche released on the 29th and Locko released this evening,  September 30th! 

After serveral calls made for Blanche to postpone her release, she went ahead to do that, reponding that “It takes more than a facebook status to show you are part of the struggle”

Well, until further notice, they’ve lose a fan, that’s me. Don’t know about you?




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