Cameroonian – diaspora based blogger/promoter, Davis Tabot goes very bitter on  social media. He points out that Cameroonian artists are marginalised and forced to go for “crumbs” in the name of paychecks. Read what he writes below;

Seriously speaking, If Daphne was a Nigerian artist, her checks per show would have been somewhere around $20000 or thereabout, but because she’s part of the marginalized folks; if she gets $2000, know for sure the miracle was performed by Jesus himself.

These people don’t value us, lets break free from the circle they are creating by giving our celebrities and stars their true value. Blanche Bailly is worth far more 1000,000CFA per show, Mel B Akwen deserves better, Jovi ought to be boasting of a $5million dollar net-worth. Magasco is suppose to be having a collection of different of cars, Tzy Panchak ought to be flying in private jets.  All these will never happen in a music industry that’s under the dictates of Francophones.

Hungry artists, just like our Parliamentarians and senators, will rather go for the crumbs they can pick from the table than unanimously fight for a change that will impact their posterity.

Just like Bonteh Engelbert always put it, Lets live in the future! Wake up now and lets take back our music Industry.





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