Before we lay blames on whoever, lets endeavor to get our facts straight.

A picture has bren circulating on social media allegedly pointing fingers on Mark Bareta for calling a boycott of Tzy Panchak’s show in the USA.

In an exclusive statement to BB, the former denies calling for the boycott of the latter’s show and remains categorical on the fact that artists should condemn killings. Read his statement below;

I have not called for any boycotts of any artist yet. That photo is not from me. I have raised concerns on our Artists to condemn the wanton killings of our people and it is something every artists should do. They have a voice and must do it especially when that artist comes from the English part. We have seen it in Africa and western world. The Cameroons can’t be different. I have argued that our artists may not necessarily be a supporter of independence, Federalism or Unity but can be concern about humanity especially when that touches your own people. Artists can condemn situations, offer their condolences without necessarily touching or insulting government to avoid being political. Some of those who died may be their fans. Again, it is my strong position that Anglophone Artists must make their voices head. There is Massacre in Southern Cameroons and no sector of our national life should be quiet. We can’t stay quiet when more than 100 have been slaughtered. I will in the days ahead come in officially on these concerts. I am at the observing stage. Our artist should be aware that in the diaspora, the Anglophones are in their majority and they command a lot of power and following except they will have their concerts being filled with francophones. Ngwane Hansel made a post concerning this same issues and I shared my thoughts on his wall. Calling for boycotts at this stage is not necessary but our artists must come to reason to understand that their people need them to stand with us and that can be done without compromising their relationship with the government they are so much afraid. There are always nice ways to draft statements as such. As far as I am concern, no Anglophone artist has an excuse to stay quiet now. None.

Mark Bareta




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