At a point where philanthropic and humanitarian endeavors are needed the most, those who claim to be humanitarians are locked up in the cage of indifference.  
Most of our public figures and celebrities always scream on media that they are humanitarians, philanthropists and so on and so forth. Having this and that Foundation to help the underprivileged,  assit people in conflict areas and send a helping hand to the needy. But in such times, it’s disheartening to realise that they are all silent. 

Protest in Cameroon on September 22nd 2017.
Maybe the crisis is out to show us who is who in the field. Who is able to take concret action when we really need them.

Families mourn,  casualties here and there, hospital bills unable to be paid,  innocent citizens in prison yet our so call Humanitarians and Foundation leaders watch behind Cameras. 
Humanitarianism like bilingualism,  justice and equality in Cameroon is just on paper. And like the Tragedy of the Commons, everyone seems to check how they’ll benefit from it. 

This is a call for action, action needs to be takem now.




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