Becoming the next big thing in the media landscape isn’t that difficult as people thing. In as much as traffic is KEY, what you do with it afterwards determines your status in the digital ecosystem. 

That’s the reason why some people will clock 2k likes each time they do a social media post but can’t boost of a dime from that, while the nurd with just 100Likes gets all the income from large and emerging brands. 

With just 100,000 FCFA, I did this advert for one of the biggest and best photographers in Anglophone Cameroon, STUDIO 89. It’s a single picture of me holding their catalog with their logo on it. 

STUDIO 89 have taken photos of the biggest artists in Cameroon; from Alpha Better Records; Salatiel, Mr. LEO, ASKIA, BLAISE B to AMBE, Magasco, Blanche Bailly and X Maleya, just to name a few. They are they best at what they do. The featured image on this post is their work.

The BIG Question now is; How do you transform your organic following into an income generating activity? 

Well it’s very simple! 

First, you need to gain trust from your social media community. Companies will pay you for adverts depending on how trustworthy you are in front of your community. 

Let’s take our case study  (The ad I’m doing for STUDIO 89). It wouldn’t cost them anything to spend 50,000 FCFA for Facebook ads to generate thousands of facebook likes. But they decided to spend 100,000 FCFA to gain organic traction from Bonteh Media and our platforms. That’s because they know You, yes you reading trust us and will definitely trust them too.

You feel me right? Yeah I know you do.

Anyways, lets end it there for now. Contact us today to promote and advertise your brand or for more ways on how to make money using social media platforms.




  1. Keep on riding you have the right mind set we need now for youths in Africa.. The Voirma project has just kick started and you could be of help to promote Africa.


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