Things didn’t just take a U-turn with the struggle. The breaking news was equally accompanied with much juice. Cameroonian UK based blogger, Bandy Kiki is set to drag a certain Wan Isaac to court for calling her HIV Positive. Can we also call this Breaking News?

Her reasons explained below;

Boy Cheez ft Ewube “Don’t Judge Me” (Official Video)

Dear Jude (Wan Binyuy Isaac),

I  have been waiting patiently for someone who lives in the UK or USA to use their real account and call me HIV patient or anything in line with that.

My Banso brother, please lawyer up! I will set a good example on you. Not because I have a problem being called HIV patient. No, far from it. I am doing it for those truly living with the disease and women who do not have a voice because of people like you. 

I am putting everything on the line here. I don’t care how long it takes. 

Will update you all as things upfold.




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