Just when we thought there would be no flag burning again, Southern Cameroonians in Canada have reawakened the subject which was already fading in the minds of Cameroonians.

In Today’s (Sunday) edition of “Club D’Elite” on Vision 4, the host, Ernest Obama brought the subject to the debate table. It was mentioned that the act was a direct insult to the people of Cameroon, both anglophone and francophones. 

The panelists were categorical about thier stance, when they said all those who committed the act have to be fished out and brough to order.

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As the debate moved on, a video was played of a Cameroonian in Canada who equally expressed profound dissatisfaction and said whenever this act is done again, He’ll personally look for those who did it and deal with them.

So many other stations have picked up this subject to their discussion tables and platforms. What do you think, was the act right or wrong?




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