Who hasn’t set eyes on this luxury product yet? Well it is the GUCCI branded sandal, Popularly known to us as #Nchang. Blueprint Hakeem of Nebangu Muzik throws light on what might have gone wrong or didn’t work with our fashion. Read the post he shared on social media below;

Exclusive: Best Lyrics in Cameroon – “Excuse My English” EP by Blueprint Hakeem X Blahk Santa.

I will inspire u this morning with this pic. By the way! It’s 14000 frs CFA. Now we all know this is #NCHANG as we call it, but this time around with a GUCCI addition. Our “fashionistas” are now falling for this one and disregarding our ORIGINAL NCHANG SHOOSH which is even wayyyy cheaper (less than 2000 frs to be precise). They studied us. They saw the african artistes wear their NCHANG SHOOSH and flaunt in music videos and watch it grow popular. But non of us ever thought of making NCHANG SHOOSH better than it is already. Now here we are. This is where we fail. Never thinking of perfection. This is where the whiteman preys and soars high. #IDEAS. #GetInspired #DontBeRegular #StriveForPerfection ##EME




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