I propose that we keep Ghost Town II in close perspective and that we need to make it more spectacularly successful than Ghost Town I. Ghost Town II should probably be on the anniversary of our slavery- 11th February, 2017.

But before that, I think it is time to scroll out our list of boycotts, examine each of them and their practicability; organize ourselves as one man to implement them just as we unanimously weathered the storms to win this 9th January “Referandum today”- the historic Referandum of a Ghost Town where Paul Biya was up for choice as against the Consortium; where Southern Cameroons freedom was up as against servitude as a colony of a colony. We now need to capitalize on the momentum of this Ghost Town to carry out a string of boycotts from tax boycotts to beer drinking boycotts; to CDC boycotts; to SONARA boycotts; to parliament and council boycotts by our parliamentarians and mayors and councilors etc. The courts and schools boycotts is insufficient to string the purse of the oppressor and yet we are the breadbasket of this nation! The North West is 3rd in the entire nation in terms of tax payments. CDC is the biggest employer in the country after the state. If anyone is arrested for refusal to pay taxes, he must justify that government cannot create an environment where business is impossible and then expect taxes. If they arrest one, everyone must not let them go until the entire market is arrested. Very soon, their prisons will be full and their they will need more money which they would not have to maintain the prisons and detainees. 

Then on 11th February, 2017, we shall solemnly desert the streets in Ghost Town II.

Of course, Pharoah shall remain remain stubborn but an ALL ANGLOPHONE CONFERENCE III will be called by the consortium. That AAC III shall challenge the UN to organize a referandum where only Southern Cameroonians shall vote like in the 1961 referandum and where only two questions only will be asked: I guess all Southern Cameroonians know the two questions.

Southern Cameroonians have been left to cry out alone and to die alone. Now, they have learnt it the hard way that we are not in this union together.

A huge thank you to all stakeholders who helped us succeed brilliantly in Ghost Town I. We will continue to win each battle until we win this war. 

If there is one message we need to retain from this proposal post, it is the fact that we now need to shift from being merely defensive to being ruthlessly offensive in an earthquake campaign involving the implementation of a huge wave of active non-violent measures of boycott. Let us take this war to enemy camp and only then shall Pharoah be interrupted from his selfie-taking sessions while  to let our people go; only then shall he call home his occupier forces who currently massacre our people on his orders as it stands.

The indefinite strike continues !

Aluta continua !




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