In 2014, Ayah Paul, National President the of the People’s Action Party (PAP) had predicted a possible rise of the people and when that happens, it will uninterested parties do join for reasons unconnected.  His words are very deep. Read below;


Ayah Paul Abine’s caution on February 13, 2014:

“…it does not take a crowd to start hostilities. Nor is the law relevant in the circumstance. And when hostilities do break out, uninterested parties do join for reasons unconnected with the original objective. Those persons may even be non-nationals. The danger is that such persons fall outside of the realm of the initial central command, and do perpetrate atrocities unapproved and unrelated to the intended goal. That explains why every liberation movement almost invariably begets splinter groups. Holding the initiators of the initial cause responsible is often (mere) aberration…”

Most relevant where “d’urgence” is the soul of business!




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